Academic Advising FAQs

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  • Q: How often should I meet with my Academic Adviser?
  • Q: When can I register for next semester?
  • Q: Where do I get a class schedule and a catalog?
  • Q: What are the deadlines for drop/withdraw and pass/no pass?
  • Q: How do I drop/withdraw from a course?
  • Q: How do I change a course to Pass/No Pass?
  • Q: What considerations should play into taking a course pass/no pass?
  • Q: How do I change majors or add a major/minor?
  • Q: What should I minor in?
  • Q: What is the difference between a Plan A and a Plan B minor?
  • Q: What do I do if I’m not doing very well in a class?
  • Q: I didn’t do very well in a class last semester. Can I retake it for a better grade?
  • Q: I’m going home for the summer and want to take some summer classes while I’m there. How do I know if they transfer to UNL?
  • Q: I’ve taken a Math class at another institution but it’s not listed as a direct equivalent, how do I get transfer credit for this class?
  • Q: Where can I get help with writing?
  • Q: How many credits do I need to be a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior?
  • Q: How do I order a copy of my transcript?
  • Q: When do I need to apply for graduation?
  • Q: How do I learn about Study Abroad opportunities?
  • Q: Can I get paid to do research?
  • Q: What kind of career can I pursue with a Forensic Science Degree?
  • Q: If I have a good relationship with my adviser, is it necesary to have a good connection with my professors?
  • Q: I’m on academic probation and I have 14 hours this semester. I would like to drop one of my 3 credit hour classes, but that puts me below 12 hours. How will that affect my financial aid and health insurance?

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