In addition to a great faculty and relevant, real-world course experience, the Forensic Science program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is part of the College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources (CASNR).

CASNR provides an engaging, student-focused, science-based educational environment in which students thrive and grow; and which prepares you to participate in solving the great challenges that face mankind and the world in which we live.

CASNR is a college in which you can be involved, make lifelong friends and learn more about yourself.   In CASNR, there is an environment of encouragement and an authentic, sincere commitment to your success.

In CASNR—and in the Forensic Science program—the emphasis is on science with a purpose. 

 Many of your classes will be on UNL's East Campus, an environment with a small-college feel and an open, relaxed atmosphere.  This is a place where you can participate in the discovery and begin your personal legacy.   A place where you can be yourself—without ever being alone.