Dr. Robert Bowen Granted Appointment as Adjunct Assistant Professor

UNL Forensic Science - Robert Bowen

April 30, 2013

On April 30, Robert Bowen, MD, with Physician’s Laboratory in Omaha, NE was granted an appointment as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Forensic Science with UNL’s Forensic Science Degree Program. 

Dr. Bowen is a coroner’s physician and is Board Certified in Cytopathology, Clinical Pathology and Anatomical Pathology.

According to Bowen, their coroner’s service performed over seven hundred autopsies last year alone, with individuals ranging in age from newborn to elderly. He will be able to provide students opportunities for internship and shadowing and advise them on research projects related to forensic pathology, taphonomy, medical toxicology, forensic medical histology and death investigation processes.