Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Honors Program

The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources offers graduation with honors. Forensic Science students with a strong academic record are eligible for this distinction.

To pursue this option, you must select a faculty member with whom to conduct an original research project and enroll in FORS 499H for between 1 and 6 credits depending on the extent of the research.

At the end of the project, you will write a thesis, guided by your faculty mentor. The thesis is presented before a committee of five faculty members, including your mentor. You then defend your thesis work in a short oral examination conducted by the committee.

Successful graduation with honors is a very prestigious distinction for your resume.

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UNL FORS Independent Study

Independent Study

Another great way to get valuable experience is through an independent study with a Forensic Science faculty member.  You could help faculty do research, work in a lab, or assist on other projects.

The details of your Independent Study project will be determined by yourself and a faculty member you choose. To pursue this option consider the following:

  • Doing an Indepentdent Study for credit requires successful completion of your first year at UNL (Sophomore status).
  • Contact your intended professor the semester before your independent study to determine what the project will look like and how many hours you expect to complete.
  • Establish who your primary contact will be throughout the process (whether it is a professor, graduate assistant, etc.).
  • Work with your professor to determine what grading options your study will use (Graded or Pass/No Pass) and what you need to do to get a grade.
  • After all of the above details are worked out, get a permission code for FORS 496 from your academic advisor and register for the course.


The Forensic Science Program here at UNL has an excellent track record with students getting paid to do/assist with research through UCARE. We have space set aside for UCARE students doing forensic science research.

Eligible Participants: All full-time UNL undergraduates who have completed at least 30 semester hours, or have at least sophomore standing as of the project start date, are eligible. First-year students can apply to participate as sophomores. Students are generally expected to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Applicants must work with a faculty sponsor; the sponsor may be either from the student's own college or another college as needed. All full-time UNL faculty regardless of rank or nature of appointment may serve as sponsors. Students must have a United States Social Security Number to be paid for work completed.