The FBI Comes to UNL

Michele Stevenson

As part of the FORS 200 - Forensic Seminar guest lecture series, Michele Stevenson, a Special Agent with the FBI Omaha Division, shared information about careers in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Although her degree is in speech communication, she indicated that math and science-focused majors are more highly sought after by the FBI.

Stevenson is the Applicant Coordinator and Recruiter for the Omaha Division, and highlighted several opportunities for students and graduates including paid and unpaid internships, careers as professional staff and as special agents. She indicated particular areas of interest for forensically-minded graduates: the lab in Quantico which houses 750 employees doing a range of 50 different jobs, and the Evidence Response Team, an ancillary duty that would be a good fit for forensic science graduates.

Stevenson gave the students tips on the application process and noted that applicants should be aware of the following disqualifiers: felony convictions, lying on the polygraph, a history of bad financial decisions, consumption of marijuana in the past 3 years and other illegal drugs in the past 10 years, inappropriate posts on social media, and illegal downloading. She indicated two websites for more information about federal jobs: and