Forensic Science Adds a New Option: Forensic Chemistry

UNL Forensic Chemistry

On March 10th, 2017 the CASNR Curriculum Committee officially approved the Forensic Science Program’s proposal to add a new option: Forensic Chemistry.  This new option opens the door for students who want to learn laboratory-based chemistry techniques used in the chemical analysis of forensically important materials.  

Forensic Chemistry is one of the main pillars of forensic science that has many applications for students after graduation.  The option emphasizes courses in quantitative, analytical, and physical chemistry, toxicology, physiology, calculus, biochemistry, and comparative analysis techniques.

This option wouldn’t be possible without the involvement of a highly knowledgeable toxicologist to teach the upper-level Forensic Toxicology course.  Fortunately, Martha Rhoades, PhD, a research manager for the School of Natural Resources, has agreed to work with the Forensic Science Program and teach Forensic Toxicology, the cornerstone course of this option, and the first toxicology course designed for forensic chemists to be taught at UNL.  For more information about this exciting new option, click here.