Forensic Science Club Enjoys 5th Annual Spatterganza

Forensic Science Blood Spatterganza 2017

UNL’s Forensic Science Club, a Registered Student Organization affiliated with the Forensic Science Degree Program, held its 5th Annual Spatterganza fundraiser on Wednesday, April 12th.  Every year, the club provides individuals the opportunity to buy a t-shirt and then find creative ways to get imitation-blood spatter on it. 

The proceedings, supervised by faculty member and resident blood-spatter expert Sgt. Larry Barksdale, took place in one of the forensic science program’s lab facilities.  The idea is for students to provide an educated explanation for the particular patterns displayed on their eye-catching shirts.  Patterns are designed to imitate common blood-spatter patterns like expirated, cast-off, drip, and splash, at various velocities.

Accompanying the festivities was a bake sale where club members sold homemade sweets.  All proceeds from the baked goods and t-shirt sales go to support CEDARS, a Lincoln organization dedicated to helping children in crisis.