Forensic Science Club hosts LPD Lab Manager

UNL Forensic Science Club

April 2, 2014

UNL’s Forensic Science Club hosted Erin Sims, the lab manager for the Lincoln Police Department who discussed many aspects of her work in the LPD Forensic Identification Unit. 

Sims showed pictures and described the work done with their AFIS workstation, fingerprint processing room, wet lab, mug and print room, photography lab, evidence processing lab, video analysis lab and fingerprint files.

Sims also identified the number of civilian and commissioned officer CSI’s in the state and described the processes and fingerprint match statistics for each of the four Nebraska crime labs.  She also described her work on several cases including the analysis of footwear patterns and bloodstains as evidence.

Sims indicated that crime labs are looking for individuals trained in latent fingerprint comparisons because much of their work includes analyzing fingerprints.  She also indicated that video surveillance analysis has increased with the higher levels of monitoring in businesses.  More…