Forensic Science Co-Sponsors Renowned Forensic Archaeologist

Caroline Sturdy Colls

This spring, in coordination with UNL’s Hixson-Lied Visiting Artists and Scholars Lecture Series, the Forensic Science Program sponsored Caroline Sturdy Colls, associate professor of forensic archaeology and genocide investigation at Staffordshire University to present her work. 

Sturdy Colls presented two lectures: April 3rd’s “Finding Treblinka: Forensic and Archaeological Approaches to Nazi Death Camps”, and April 5th’s “Forensic Approaches to Buried Remains: 21st Century Approaches to Investigating Unlawful Deaths”.

Much of Sturdy Colls’ work centers around the sites of Nazi Death Camps and highlights how a considerable amount of evidence remains.  Archaeological investigations have incorporated new interdisciplinary approaches that have revolutionized how mass killing sites are examined and documented.  More...