Forensic Science Faculty

Forensic Science Instructional Team

UNL Forensic Science - Michael AdamowiczAdamowicz, Michael; PhD
Director, UNL Forensic Science Degree Program
Associate Professor

Department of Food Science and Technology
Specialty: Biological Evidence Analysis

UNL Forensic Science - Larry BarksdaleBarksdale, Larry; MA
Assistant Professor of Practice of Forensic Science
UNL Forensic Science Program
Specialty: Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction

UNL Forensic Science - Karl ReinhardReinhard, Karl J.; PhD
Professor of Forensic Science and Environmental Archaeology
UNL School of Natural Resources
Specialty: Pollen Analysis and Human Remains

UNL Forensic Science - Martha RhoadesRhoades, Martha; PhD
Research Manager
UNL School of Natural Resources
Specialty: Environmental Toxicology, Drinking Water, and Ecotoxicology

Forensic Science Affiliates

UNL Forensic Science - Fred BaxendaleBaxendale, Fred; PhD
Professor of EntomologyUNL Department of Entomology
Associate Professor

Specialty: Insect Science

UNL Forensic Science - Robert BowenBowen, Robert; MD
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Practice of Forensic Science
Physician's Laboratory Services
Board Certified in Cytopathology, Clinical Pathology and Anatomical Pathology
Specialty: Forensic Pathology

UNL Forensic Science - Ashley HallHall, Ashley; PhD
Assistant Professor of Forensic Science
Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences
University of Illinois at Chicago
Specialty: Forensic Analysis of Human DNA

UNL Forensic Science - Emily HammerlHammerl, Emily; PhD
Assistant Professor of Practice
UNL Department of Anthropology
Specialty: Dental Anthropology

UNL Forensic Science - Tiffany Heng-MossHeng-Moss, Tiffany; PhD
Professor of Entomology
UNL Department of Entomology
Specialty: Plant/Insect Science

UNL Forensic Science - John MarkwellMarkwell, John; PhD
Professor of Biochemistry
Department of Biochemistry
Specialty: Plant Biochemistry

UNL Forensic Science - Charles MurrietaMurrieta, Charles; PhD
Biosafety Specialist
Environmental Health and Safety, UNL
Specialty: Biosafety, Analytical Biochemistry

UNL Forensic Science - Steve SchmidtSchmidt, Steven; JD
Assistant Professor of Law and Courtesy Associate Professor of Forensic Science
University of Nebraska College of Law
Specialty: Clinical Practice - Criminal