Forensic Science Student Wins CASNR Spirit Award

Harvey Liu

Harvey Liu, a December graduate of the UNL Forensic Science Program, was recognized on Friday as a recipient of the CASNR Spirit Award.  The CASNR Spirit Award was established in 2015 to pay tribute to each graduating class by honoring one CASNR student that embodies the values, ethics, and integrity of a CASNR degree.  Two senior forensic science students were among the few considered for the award: Harvey Liu (the recipient), and Danielle Elsom.

Harvey, originally from Hong Kong, came to the United States in the fall of 2010 and attended high school in Philadelphia for 1 year.  In the fall of 2011, he was accepted to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Since then, he has completed all requirements for his degree in forensic science, fulfilled requirements for United States citizenship, and participated in three separate internship experiences at U.S. government agencies.  Through his demonstration of dedication and persistence, Harvey has established himself as a role model for all students worldwide, who want to realize a dream. Congratulations Harvey!