Forensic Science Students on the Dean's List

Congratulations to the Forensic Science majors who had a great semester last fall and whose academic performance landed them on the Dean's List!  Here in the Forensic Science Program at UNL, we celebrate academic prowess and recognize the high level of rigor attributed to the courses required for our program.  This means that the academic success of these students (semester GPA of 3.75 or above) is a significant accomplishment!  Congratluations to the following students:

Rachel Bisbee

RoseMarie Blote        

Mallory Einfalt

Danielle Elsom

Aurora Gates

Grant Hillenbrand

Vitas Jokubauskas

Sophia Kallas

Shelby Knoche

Caitlin Krizek

Sarah Marcy

Jessa Newby

Alexis Overman

Lauren Peck

Maggie Rempe

Madison Schwenka

Sydney Stansbury

Timothy Thielen