Hohnstein Discusses Accident Reconstruction with Forensic Science Students

UNL Forensic Science - Marlon Hohnstein

April 16, 2014

Investigator Marlan Hohnstein, a crash scene reconstructionist and State Deputy Sherriff for the Department of Motor Vehicles, came to discuss the process of accident reconstruction.

Inv. Hohnstein indicated that reconstructionists use analyses of physical evidence found at the scene to make inferences and to test various theories about what happened to determine how events occurred. Hohnstein described how the process involves a walk-through of the scene, extensive photography, the collection of transitory evidence, detailed examinations, sketches and measurements as well as interviews with witnesses to reconstruct what happened.

Hohnstein also discussed his work with the DMV fraud unit and showed how they use biometrics and technology to do facial recognition searches from driver’s license photos to compare physical features to identify fraudulence. More…