Nebraska Army National Guard Discuss the Civil Support Team

Nebraska Army National Guard

As part of the FORS 200 - Forensic Seminar guest lecture series, Captains Oliver Berglund and Christina Krcilek of the Nebraska Army National Guard (72nd Civil Support Team) came to speak to the students about their work with the Civil Support Team (CST).  This team frequently works with police, fire departments, and the FBI and respond to natural and man-made disasters.  They are an emergency response unit with 22 subject matter experts that have teams across the country that can be deployed on request.

Every member of the Civil Support Team responds to an emergency, but most usually work within one of several specialty sections including: Command, Operations, Admin/Log, Communications, Survey, and Medical.  These teams have been deployed all over the United States for a variety of incidents.  Units conduct exercises with local responders about once a week and are usually deployed for about a week out of every month. Members are committed to the team for at least 3 years.

72nd Civil Support Team