Postgraduate Placement

Postgraduate Placement

The results of several years of Forensic Science alumni surveys (n = 123, of a total 133 through Spring 2017) indicate that 24% of our graduates have continued their education in graduate or professional school.  20% of graduates are employed in a laboratory, and an additional 12% are currently working in a forensic setting.  11% work for the government in either a law enforcement, military, or other government agency position.  8% are educators, 12% work in the medical field, and 13% are employed in other fields.

These numbers reflect graduates that are successfully applying to graduate and professional schools, indicating that our curriculum has prepared them to earn advanced degrees.  A large percentage of students have successfully found employment as scientists, lending further support to the fitness of our program. 

Our graduates are being placed in forensic settings. They are competitive in the field and meet national guidelines for analyst qualifications.  Based upon interactions with our graduates, it appears that even more of them would be working as forensic scientists except for the fact that they do not want to leave the State of Nebraska where employment opportunities in forensics can be limited. 

You can see other detailed information about UNL's Forensic Science Program's post-graduation placement at Career Services-Forensic Science.

Current Occupation   
# of graduates
Forensic Lab 8
Crime Scene 6
Graduate/Law School 30
Medical Field 15
Non-Forensic Lab Technician 25
Education 9
Police/Govt/Military/FBI 14
Other 16