Sgt. John Donahue Presents Electronic Evidence Analysis

UNL Forensic Science - John Donahue

March 6, 2013

Sgt. John Donahue, Supervisor of the Electronic Crimes Unit and Crime Scene Techs Unit for the Lincoln Police Department, gave a presentation highlighting the importance of electronic evidence in forensic science.

Donahue noted that the Electronic Crimes Unit specializes in: forensic computer and cell phone examinations, child pornography, investigations support and legal support.  Donahue indicated that almost all investigations include some sort of electronic evidence so having specialists in this area is crucial.

Also a member of the ICAC (State of Nebraska) and Cybercrimes (FBI) task forces, Donahue mentioned how important task forces are for combining resources and knowledge to collaborate on investigations.  He also mentioned some helpful certifications for individuals interested in electronic evidence analysis: CFCE, CCE, and ACE.  More…