Forensic science is the application of science within the justice system—to collect evidence to solve crimes and determine cause. A Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a great way to transform your passion for science and discovery into a career with a very real and meaningful impact on society.

Success in the Forensic Science program at the University of Nebraska requires a love of science and discovery, an innate curiosity and an eye for detail. The ability to connect the dots to solve a problem. The discipline to follow processes and protocols. The ability to work alone—and as part of a team. A sincere desire to contribute to society and help people.

Forensic Biochemistry optionThe Forensic Biochemistry option introduces you to the forensic serology (body fluid identification) and DNA analysis techniques used in operational U.S. crime laboratories. The interdisciplinary science curriculum includes coursework in molecular biology, forensic biochemistry, genetics, human remains, and immunology.
Crime Scene Investigation optionThe Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) option prepares you to collect, preserve and interpret physical evidence using standard crime scene investigation and evidence analysis techniques. You will take courses in forensic photography, comparative analysis techniques, palynology, entomology, physical anthropology, human remains, chemistry, and biology.