Forensic Science

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Forensic Biology

Forensic Biology

The Forensic Biology option introduces you to the forensic serology (body fluid identification) and DNA analysis techniques used in operational U.S. crime laboratories. The interdisciplinary science curriculum includes coursework in molecular biology, forensic biology, genetics, human remains, and immunology.

Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation

The Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) option prepares you to collect, preserve and interpret physical evidence using standard crime scene investigation and evidence analysis techniques. You will take courses in forensic photography, comparative analysis techniques, palynology, entomology, physical anthropology, human remains, chemistry, and biology.

Forensic Chemistry

Forensic Chemistry

The Forensic Chemistry option teaches you laboratory-based chemistry techniques used in the chemical analysis of forensically important materials. Your education will include courses in quantitative, analytical, and physical chemistry, toxicology, physiology, calculus, biochemistry, and comparative analysis techniques.

a love of science and discovery
innate curiosity
can connect the dots to solve a problem
desire to contribute to society
an eye for detail
the discipline to follow protocols
can work alone and as part of a team

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