Crime Scene Investigation

A student works at the front door of a house investigating a crime scene.

We develop the world’s next great scientists by getting students out of the book and into the lab.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Forensic Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a broad spectrum, integrated science degree. The Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) concentration in this degree program is no exception. Students take a wide array of courses including:

  • chemistry, organic chemistry, & quantitative chemistry
  • physics, biology, insect biology & genetics
  • calculus & statistics
  • forensic entomology & forensic photography
  • human remains, crime scene investigation & crime scene management
  • firearms examination & fingerprint examinations
  • bloodstain pattern analysis & comparative analysis
  • special issues in forensic science
Headshot of Sophia Kallas.

Sophia Kallas

Forensic Graduate

"When I was a little kid, I always wanted a career that blended science, medicine, and the law. Forensic science, and particularly the program here at UNL, made that childhood dream a reality."

Biochemistry student in lab

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We develop the world’s next great scientists by getting students out of the book and into the lab.

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Crime scene investigators assume many roles and must be prepared for a wide range of scenarios. For example, in the crime scene investigation course, students process a decomposition scene where they document the scene with digital imaging and other instrumentation, collect specimens of insects, animals, and trace evidence, package and store the evidence, and analyze the evidence in the lab. Along with tactical skills, students in this degree program also develop skills in critical thinking, communication, team member relationships, leadership, scientific methodology, and legal procedures.

Student works on a white board.
Students work together on a white board.

With the extent and scope of their training from the CSI concentration option, former students have secured a wide variety of careers including:

Crime Scene Investigator, Teacher, Law Enforcement Officer, Correctional Officer, Private Investigator, Firearms and Fingerprint Examiner, Military Officer, Laboratory Technician, Insect Biologist, Forensic and Scientific Consultant, Commercial Loss Prevention and Product Liability Investigator, Lawyer, Health Care Worker, Advanced degrees in other fields of science, Come investigate what a degree in Forensic Science with a CSI concentration can reveal!