Recent Forensic Graduate Starts Un'suspect'ing Career

Jenna Kacheroski

Jenna Kacheroski was a May 2019 graduate from the Forensic Science- Biology Program and has now landed a job with AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America). AmeriCoprs is the domestic alternative to the Peace Corps. She works at a small rural clinic in Oregon that provides behavioral health, public health, and health education services to residents and visitors of the county. Her official title is Breastfeeding and Health Equity Coordinator. The focus of the breastfeeding piece of the job is to finish promoting a series of videos that normalize conversations about breastfeeding among non-nursing supporters.

Jenna is thankful for her Forensic Science degree because it has helped make her a well-rounded professional. With her current position, she feels prepared to assess situations that arise that have to deal with bias, which is something she fully attributes to her education in Forensic Science. The curriculum gives students an in-depth education and lab training in many scientific disciplines which can prepare a student for and expose them to many different career options! Aside from the curriculum, she felt the faculty throughout her college career made sticking with the Forensic Science major an easy decision and helped with discovering other avenues than just the traditional "forensic" route.  She looks forward to having more exposure to public health promotion and education.