May Graduates 2017
May 5, 2017

On Friday, May 5th 2017 the Forensic Science Program invited their 13 graduates and their families to participate in a graduation reception held prior to the CASNR Salute to Graduates reception.

The following Forensic Science students were honored (back row left to right): Tyler Withrow, Carly Smith, Shelby Knoche, Katherine Downey, Lauren Peck, (front row left to right), Brittany Noda, Kaitlyn Rosploch, Sydney Stansbury, and Abby Van Duser.  Also graduating (not pictured) was Cheyenne Grove, Vitas Jokubauskas, Nichole Leacock, and Elvira Rosales.

Forensic Science Blood Spatterganza 2017
April 13, 2017

UNL’s Forensic Science Club, a Registered Student Organization affiliated with the Forensic Science Degree Program, held its 5th Annual Spatterganza fundraiser on Wednesday, April 12th.  Every year, the club provides individuals the opportunity to buy a t-shirt and then find creative ways to get imitation-blood spatter on it. 

Kylee Sutton
April 10, 2017

Every year students in UNL’s Forensic Science Program have an opportunity to be recognized for their great work and contributions to the program and the Forensic Science Club.  This year was no exception, with four outstanding students nominated, and two winning, for their various contributions.

It was our pleasure to see outgoing club officers Amber Stettnichs (President) and Shelby Knoche (Treasurer) nominated for the “Outstanding Club Officer” award at the CASNR Week Banquet on Sunday, April 9, 2017.

Caroline Sturdy Colls
April 6, 2017

This spring, in coordination with UNL’s Hixson-Lied Visiting Artists and Scholars Lecture Series, the Forensic Science Program sponsored Caroline Sturdy Colls, associate professor of forensic archaeology and genocide investigation at Staffordshire University to present her work. 

Sturdy Colls presented two lectures: April 3rd’s “Finding Treblinka: Forensic and Archaeological Approaches to Nazi Death Camps”, and April 5th’s “Forensic Approaches to Buried Remains: 21st Century Approaches to Investigating Unlawful Deaths”.

UNL Forensic Chemistry
March 10, 2017

On March 10th, 2017 the CASNR Curriculum Committee officially approved the Forensic Science Program’s proposal to add a new option: Forensic Chemistry.  This new option opens the door for students who want to learn laboratory-based chemistry techniques used in the chemical analysis of forensically important materials.  

January 26, 2017

Congratulations to the Forensic Science majors who had a great semester last fall and whose academic performance landed them on the Dean's List!  Here in the Forensic Science Program at UNL, we celebrate academic prowess and recognize the high level of rigor attributed to the courses required for our program.  This means that the academic success of these students (semester GPA of 3.75 or above) is a significant accomplishment!  Congratluations to the following students:

Rachel Bisbee

RoseMarie Blote        

December Graduates 2016
December 16, 2016

On Friday, December 16th the Forensic Science Program invited their graduates and their families to participate in a graduation reception held prior to the CASNR Salute to Graduates reception.

The following Forensic Science students were honored (in order left to right): Helen Erickson, Breane Morris, Harvey Liu, Danielle Elsom, and Alexandra Fernholz.  Also graduating (not pictured) was Jordan Walther.

Harvey Liu
December 16, 2016

Harvey Liu, a December graduate of the UNL Forensic Science Program, was recognized on Friday as a recipient of the CASNR Spirit Award.  The CASNR Spirit Award was established in 2015 to pay tribute to each graduating class by honoring one CASNR student that embodies the values, ethics, and integrity of a CASNR degree.  Two senior forensic science students were among the few considered for the award: Harvey Liu (the recipient), and Danielle Elsom.

UNL Forensic Science - Michael Adamowicz
August 22, 2016

This fall, UNL's Forensic Science Program welcomes Dr. Michael Adamowicz as the new Director.

UNL Forensic Science - Study Abroad
August 18, 2016

This summer, UNL Forensic Science students spent three weeks studying forensic science at Glasgow Caledonian University in Glasgow, Scotland.

The students studied forensically-related topics including:

  • The legal and criminal justice system of Scotland
  • The work of a crime scene officer in Scotland
  • Fingerprint, firearm, and footwear examination

The UNL Forensic Science undergrads that traveled to Scotland included: Alex Fernholz (Senior), Sydney Stansbury (Senior), and Hiyam Hesso (Sophomore).