Student Interns at DC Police Department

UNL Forensic Science - Harvey Liu

August 15, 2014

UNL Forensic Science student Harvey Liu, spent the summer in Washington D.C. as an intern at the Metropolitan Police Department. 

Liu was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division and participated in many specialized units during his time there.  Some of his experiences included:

  • Investigating dead bodies with the Homicide Unit & Medical Examiner
  • Visiting the Forensics Laboratory with CSID
  • A 50 mile-per-hour boat ride with the Harbor Patrol unit
  • Searching a building with the K-9 Dog unit
  • Riding a horse with the Horse Mounted unit
  • Flying above the capital with the Air Support Unit

About 80% of his internship was spent out on the street, rain or shine and when he was at the station, he assisted with administrative work including crime data logs/analysis.  To see more about internships in Forensic Science click here.