Forensic Science Ambassadors

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The Forensic Science Program at UNL has a team of students who volunteer their time to share their experiences with prospective students.  These student ambassadors assist with campus and outreach activities such as:

  • Recruiting events
  • Calling campaigns
  • Big Red Experience days
  • Follow up with campus visitors/prospective students using email, phone and/or letter correspondence.

For information on how to get in touch with an ambassador, contact Taylor Hart at 402-472-7852 or

Interested in becoming an ambassador?

We will be seeking additional Ambassadors for the student recruitment team starting Spring 2019. 


  • Have a sophomore or above standing.
  • Be enrolled as a Forensic Science Major.
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Available to work 15 hours per semester.
  • Attend at least 2 planning meetings per semester.
  • Participate in a training program.
  • Be willing to travel and participate in occasional evening and/or weekend activities.
  • Have good knowledge of the academic and extra-curricular offerings of the Forensic Science Program, CASNR and UNL.
  • Demonstrate leadership, writing and speaking skills.

Application Procedure


  • A resume-building volunteer experience.
  • Increased interactions with Forensic Science faculty and staff.
  • Student ambassadors will be provided with:
    • Name tag
    • Forensic Science Ambassador Shirt
  • For More Information

Contact Taylor Hart at 402-472-7852 or